Wednesday, March 06, 2002

ALEC THE VILLAGE IDIOT: I would never set out to buy a movie that stars both Alec Baldwin and Peter Fonda -- what a combination -- but since my two year old got it for Christmas, I started out merely hiding it. Now, for the cause of potty training, I am being held hostage to the Thomas the Tank Engine movie. It isn't a great movie, but it does have a few beautiful moments when you can see dear old Alec looking and acting like the idiot and rear-end kisser that he really is. First there is a scene where he tries to remember the code of conduct by which he lives (being "reliable, responsible, and really useful") but he has to cheat and look up "really useful." Telling? The best scene in the movie though, may be when Alec gets lost and a rabbit leaves him some carrots and other vegetables for "brain food." You can almost see the squirrels in Alec's head starting to race as he tries and tries to think -- but no. No luck. Poor Alec. Now if he only would leave the country like he promised. But I suppose it might be too hard for him to remember.

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