Friday, March 08, 2002

ALL ABOARD: Turns out the Euros weren't peeved that we were fighting and winning the war on terrorist-sponsoring states. (Anybody have a better name for this war?) They just wanted a chance to shoot Al Qaeda too. The Washington Post reports that the French are bombing, the Norwegians, Canadians, and Australians are shooting, and everybody's really happy. Of course, Euros being Euros, one unnamed diplomat had to get in this gibe:
"Contrary to what some people in Washington or in the Pentagon seem to believe," the diplomat continued, "coalitions doing things together is always better than doing things alone. I believe the myth that has been propagated in Washington that 'We are now so strong that we can do things alone better than if we do it by committee' is a totally wrong myth."
And thus, once again, the Euros snatch contempt from the jaws of gratitude.

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