Tuesday, March 12, 2002

ARAFAT ANTI-SEMITISM ALERT! Check out this report, by the Chinese Xinhua News Agency of all places (Drudge posted the link), of Arafat's sick claim that the Israelis are tatooing numbers on Palestinian prisoners:
"Did you see what the Israeli soldiers put on the arms of the Palestinian prisoners in Tulkarem? They tattooed numbers on their arms. Is it the same thing the Nazi did against Jews?" said Arafat. Sources from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) confirmed that Israeli troops tattooed numbers on the arms of several Palestinians arrested in the past few days in an Israeli detention camp near Tulkarem. "What else do they (Israelis) have to say? Isn't this a racism and a new Nazism?" said Arafat in the interview. However, Israel Radio quoted an Israeli army spokesman as saying that the Israeli army was using color pens in writing numbers on the hands of the prisoners, and noting that those colored numbers can be easily erased.
And so we reach the pinnacle of victim rhetoric, casting modern-day Nazis as Jews, and Jews as Nazis.

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