Wednesday, March 13, 2002

BALLY-WHO? Frazier, methinks thou doth protest too much to say the movie isn't "provocative." Which is to say, you're too provoked to say it ain't provocative. You're attributing a premise to Potemra that just isn't there. Potemra says the movie asks, "Just how important is sexuality anyway?" Implicit is the question, "Is sex indispensable to love?" Making a movie about a woman going against her sexuality because she loves someone is the extreme way to examine the question. If you want homosexuals to fully confront this moral/psychological/emotional dilemma, I supposed you'd make a movie about a homosexual woman falling in love with a man. If you want a heterosexual to get it, you have a heterosexual woman fall in love with a woman. Potemra says, given the subject matter, it's a beautiful movie. But sexual drama ain't my game. So unless I hear otherwise on the gunfire and explosions issue, I'll never know.

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