Wednesday, March 13, 2002

CORRECTION: BUSH ALMOST GETS IT: While hitting all the right notes on Iraq and the war in today's press conference, the President made this jarring statement:
"Frankly, it is not helpful what the Israelis have recently done," Bush said. "I understand somebody trying to defend themselves . . . but the recent actions are not helpful."
To quote Instapundit, "You can't blame Colin Powell for this one." Mr. President, maybe Secretary Powell didn't mention this in your briefing, but the Muslim terrorists bent on killing Israelis are indistinguishable from the Muslim terrorists bent on killing us.. Well, there's one slight difference: they're too realistic to hope to kill every single American, but their fondest desire for Israel is nothing short of genocide. It's awfully nice of you to recognize Israel's right to self-defense, which is indistinguishable from our right to self-defense, but your remarks suggest that maybe, just perhaps, you don't fully understand the threat against which Israel is defending itself. Maybe Colin can clarify matters at your next briefing. Better yet, give Prime Minister Sharon a call.

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