Wednesday, March 27, 2002

INVENTING VICTIMHOOD: Not that the usual feminist suspects or their supporters in mainstream journalism will notice or pay attention, but Christine Stolba from the IWF has a new study out detailing the lies that are woven through women's studies departments and some of their main textbooks. In today's NRO, Kathryn Lopez gives a good overview of Stolba's findings. Reading these reminds me of what I already knew, that I'm not suffering or nearly as oppressed as some people would like me to believe. This all also makes me very sorry that I didn't do more when my undergraduate college (always behind the times) started implementing more women's study courses. So far they have at least lodged them in real departments (and Anthropology) and only made a minor available in the subject, but that's too many steps down the road to a full blown department screwing up even more women.

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