Friday, March 08, 2002

KOFI ANNAN IS NAKED: Kofi Annan is a man of action. Many in the international diplomatic community have despaired at the success of the United States' war on terrorist-sponsoring states, and have resigned themselves to a world of peace and security. But U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan refuses to go silently into that dark night. The Washington Post reports that Annan is taking affirmative steps to thwart the war effort by begging the Iraqi government to readmit weapons inspectors. His ploy is obvious, because it's the one he used it so many times during the Clinton administration. Annan says, "Give in or else," which is a lie. The Iraqis say, "We already complied," which is a lie. Both sides say they had a "frank and useful," "positive and constructive" meeting, which is a lie. Then Annan and the Iraqis agree to more meetings weeks and months down the road -- at which they will tell the same lies again -- and Annan warns that U.S. military action to make Iraq comply would be "counter-productive. This last lie is the funniest, of course, since the only thing to which the Iraqi regime has ever responded is U.S.-led military action (but it would be impolitic to mention that). But President Clinton usually bought it, and the farce went on. Emperor Annan has no clothes. President Bush should say so, and let the productive "counter-productive" military action begin.

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