Sunday, March 10, 2002

PLAYING THE VICTIM: The main rhetorical move of the pro-abortion movement is to seize the moral high ground of the "victim." This is not so easy, since abortion consists of killing an entity that most people call and think of as a "baby" when a pregnant woman doesn't want an abortion. And while anti-abortion terrorism has created pro-abortion martyrs, it's also subjected the anti-abortion movement to strict limitations on political speech and assembly, deprived it of any sympathetic coverage in major media outlets, and exposed it to massive financial liability. For every martyr, the pro-abortionists have gained invaluable legal and political clout and now have a decisive advantage over the anti-abortion movement. So envisioning pro-abortionists as "victims" isn't exactly intuitive. Could the pro-abortion movement have played the victim so sucessfully without murdered doctors and bombed out clinics? It would have tried, of course; playing victim is the only move a leftist movement knows. But would anyone besides pro-abortion extremists have bought it? I think not.

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