Friday, March 15, 2002

SENSIBLE ADVICE from Peggy Noon regarding recent discussions about nuking terrorist states:
"Children will listen," the old song says. But so will the fragile and mad, and it's not good to excite them. We should not be leaking that we are reviewing our nuclear capacity; we should be quietly reviewing it. We should not be reporting in hyperventilated tones the review of nuclear policy; we should remember that this only feeds the sickness of those who mean us harm. We should be very quietly debating in the offices of government what an appropriate response would be to the bombing of America; we should reach conclusions, create a plan, and very quietly tell the leaders of the real rogue nations exactly what will happen to them, and to the terrorists who slumber within their borders, if they should dare to bomb an American city. Our words should be blunt little bombs whispered in the ears of Arab leaders in a manner that leaves them with the kind of ringing headache you sometimes get when you're told terrible news that is true. But we should probably not be having chatty conversations about whether or not it would be a good idea to take out Mecca.
Read the full essay here. It's quite sobering, which is the point.

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