Friday, March 22, 2002

THEY'RE NUTS: What's the main obstacle to peace between Israel and the Arab world? The Arabs want to exterminate the Jews. That's John Derbyshire's point in this powerful essay. When it comes to Jews, most Arabs are as obsessed, mad, cuckoo, off-their-rockers as the wildest-eyed Nazi. They're just too backward, inept, corrupt, and ineffecient, and the Jews are too vigilant and forewarned, to impose an industrial-strength final solution on Israel. But once they get their hands on a few nukes, or some really good VX, they'll stick 'em on top of a medium-range ballistic missile and solve the Israeli problem for sure. Which is why those morons in Europe and America who keep bleating about the Israelis' unwillingness to "make peace" are practical anti-Semites, even if they never hated a Jew in their lives. What else do you call someone whose policy prescriptions, as a practical matter, call for the destruction of the Israeli people?

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