Monday, March 25, 2002

WISH I'D SAID IT: Glenn Reynolds writes at Instapundit:
It's the Arabs who have taken leave of their senses. And I think, more and more, that Den Beste is right and that they need to be defeated -- soundly, completely, brutally -- like Germany and Japan in were World War Two, or the American Confederacy was. Defeated so that their spirit is broken, and their culture permanently and fundamentally changed despite their heartfelt wishes that it were otherwise. The good news is that for all their bluster, they're much less formidable foes. The bad news is that the West has hamstrung itself with the absurd notion that the sovereignty of such nations is worthy of respect.
Read the whole blog, and the Victor Hanson essay he quotes. We're facing a true world war; we're trying to keep it under control, keep it manageable. That's why we're still trying to cut a deal in Israel. But history says we can't do it. We're headed for a conflagration, and the only question is whether it starts now, or after a few more years of failed appeasement and maybe a successful nuclear or chemical attack on an American city. Our enemies are medieval warriors with machine guns trying to buy nukes; they're going to give war a chance whether we want them to or not.

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