Thursday, April 04, 2002

CAN I VOMIT NOW? Ann Lander's apparently proposes that April 2nd should be a day when people take the time to reconcile with people they've had a falling out with. Here was one of the letters from that day. Dear Ann: I would like to add something to your annual column on Reconciliation Day. Please consider expanding the day to include reconciliation between countries. On April 2, leaders of every faction at war would call for a 24-hour ceasefire. Maybe, in time, it could extend to two days, or even a week. Think about the lives that could be saved. It could become a day of peace, a time for those at war to work on their differences. Please pass it along, Ann. Jeff in Los Angeles Don't you just love how "Jeff" doesn't seem to see any moral difference between sides in an armed conflict? Everyone should stop fighting, as if everyone was equally in the wrong. Hmph.

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