Monday, April 15, 2002

KOFI ANNAN HAS FINALLY LOST IT: Check out these quotations from a Washington Post article on U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan's recent harsh anti-Israeli statements:
On Friday, Annan exhibited a new willingness to use the prestige of his office to press Israel to accept the Palestinians' long-standing demand for an international peacekeeping force. He said theinternational community "must now assemble the will" to send armed peacekeepers to the Middle East to guarantee a cease-fire and help restart the peace process. "He's hoping that the council will keep in mind the experience of Bosnia, where the carnage was allowed to carry on for years before a meaningful international fighting force was put in place," spokesman Fred Eckhard said. ... Soderberg, who now heads the New York office of the International Crisis Group, a nonprofit think tank, said Annan has had no choice but to promote initiatives because of the Bush administration's reluctance to offer new ideas. She said his tough demands for Israeli restraint may be driven in part by lingering memories of U.N. inaction in Rwanda and Bosnia. [emphasis added]
Consider the phrases emphasized above and what they mean. First, the Secretary General apparently believes Israeli military retaliation against the Palestinian Authority for harboring, aiding, and sponsoring terrorists attacks against Israeli civilians is equivalent not just to Palestinian terrorism -- everybody thinks that, well, at least reasonable, non-simplistic people, right? -- but to the Serbian and Hutu programs of genocide in Bosnia and Rawanda. (This could cut one of two ways: (a) Annan thinks genocide is no bigger deal than an ordinary, run-of-the-mill war, or (b) he thinks an ordinary, run-of-the-mill war is as big a deal as genocide. Either way, his capacity for moral reasoning is suspect.) Second, the Secretary General apparently believes that the democratically governed state of Israel is morally equivalent to the despotism formerly known as Yugoslavia -- a rogue state that must be threatened or subdued by a "meaningful international fighting force," the way NATO finally subdued the Milosevic regime. So, as far as Kofi Annan is concerned, a conventional military campaign equals a campaign of genocide, and the key to peace in the Middle East is an international army with the ability to crush not Palestinian terrorists but the Israeli army. Does this bother anyone else?

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