Wednesday, April 03, 2002

PEACE = VICTORY: Michael Leeden is dead on target in this essay on NRO. He argues that the prerequisite of peace in Israel is not making nice with Arafat; its defeating Syria, Iraq, and Iran. The Palestinians are just proxies for the terrorists states of Syria, Iraq, and Iran, and proxies for the Arab world generally. When the terror states are wrecked and rebuilt, the Palestinians become a minor regional problem. The Palestinians won't make peace until their sponsor states let them, and their sponsor states won't let them because their goal is the destruction of Israel. The problem is obvious, and so is the solution: destroy the terrorist states. We can either begin now, by conquering Iraq, rebuilding it as a liberal democratic state, and using it to foment revolution throughout the Middle East. Or we can wait until something -- a terrorist attack on Israel or on us using weapons of mass destruction; or a new Arab conventional war against Israel -- sparks a regional conflagration that requires us to conquer most Arab nations. Guess which option kills few Americans and Arabs and Iranians?

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