Wednesday, April 10, 2002

PICKING UP WHERE THE NAZIS LEFT OFF? That's my reaction to this headline:
Germany, in Protest, Suspends Arms Sales to Israel Decision May Foreshadow European Trade Sanctions as Criticism of West Bank Incursions Mounts
The only difference is that this time around they're using Palestinian proxies. Maybe they're not doing it because they hate Jews. Maybe they're just too cowardly to do anything but appease Arab terrorists. Or maybe after giving the world the Gestapo and Stasi, the Germans are too morally neutered as a civilization to tell the difference between right and wrong. I don't really care why the Germans, along with continental Europe, have sided with the latest would-be exterminators of the Jews. I just want them to fail, and suffer for their cowardice. Until this war began, I always wondered why America paid so much attention to the Holocaust. Please don't misunderstand me. Of course I understood that the Holocaust was a horrible and unprecedented evil, the defining enormity of our era. But it was an evil we helped stop, and an evil we didn't commit. Sure, it made sense for the Germans -- and their French and Italian collaborators -- to build museums, fund educational programs, and otherwise culturally self-flagellate, the way Americans do about slavery, because they did it. But it honestly didn't make sense to me why we should build a holocaust museum in Washington, why we as a nation should dwell so much on a crime we didn't commit. I didn't object, I just didn't get it. Now I wonder how I could have been so naive. For headlines like this, and all the other headlines I've read about Europe's slavish devotion to the Palestinian nationalist project -- a project explicitly built on the anti-Semitic dream of driving the Jews into the sea, of picking up where the Nazis left off -- show that America must remember the Holocaust because no one else will, especially not its European perpetrators. And we must defend the only democratic society, and the only culture of liberty, equality, and law, in the Middle East because no one else -- especially not the cultures that gave us Marxism and Fascism -- believes those virtues are worth defending.

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