Monday, April 01, 2002

STAR-STRUCK GEEKS: Jay Nordlinger has the perfect metaphor for a major Republican flaw in today's Impromptus:
The administration invited Oprah to Afghanistan, and the Big O stiffed them, of course. Republicans never learn. They’re sort of like the geeks in high school who want to be liked, who want the approval of the cool kids, and always stumble, looking all the more foolish for their efforts. Early on in this administration, the Interior Department asked Robert Redford to participate in some event! And Redford, as any dolt could have foreseen, used the occasion to denounce the department as an Earth-destroying Nazi machine (or something). Woo the Reagan Democrats or the high-techies or the Hispanics or whomever — but not the entertainment world, please.
Some people will never like you. Even kids, especially kids, know that.

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