Monday, April 29, 2002

THAT QUIRKY REUTERS STYLE MANUAL: Please note the following excerpt from a Reuters report published on the Washington Post's web site:
A Palestinian military court convicted four men on Thursday of killing Zeevi in October. An Israeli government spokesman said Fuad Shubaki, suspected of smuggling arms for the Palestinian Authority, would also be jailed under U.S. and British guard as part of the Bush deal. The identity of the sixth man was not immediately clear. [emphasis added]
My point? Note that in the Reuters style manual, the word terrorist is always written in quotation marks, "terrorist." Yet the Palestinian kangaroo "court" that Yasser Arafat hurriedly convened in his basement to "try" the accused killers of Israeli Tourism Minister Zeevi -- as an obvious ploy to reject Israeli demands for their surrender -- is a "Palestinian military court" -- sans quotation marks, of course. Kinda odd, huh?

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