Wednesday, May 01, 2002

DANGEROUS WEAPONS? I'm not a big fan of guns and don't know if I'd want a real one in my house, but I accept that most little boys love them and if they do, they need to be taught to respect and fear the power of a gun. Reading a recent essay by Katie Allison Granju made everything I've always thought seem a lot clearer. That essay was still in my mind, when I ran across a news item today about four Kindergarteners who were suspended for playing cops and robbers on the playground and using their fingers as guns. One set of parents sued and today a judge threw out the case saying that "school officials may restrict violent or disruptive games." I used to think the schools that suspended small children for having tiny pocket knives were crazy, but when they start suspending children for bringing their fingers to school, things have gone way too far. I'm all for strict discipline, but whatever happened to free play and boys being boys?

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