Monday, May 06, 2002

IN SEARCH OF A GOOD EGG: Eggs. I used to eat them infrequently and even went through an egg-hating stage. Now we buy them in the boxes of 18 for our family of three. I like them, my husband likes them, and our toddler insists on eating at least one every morning and sometimes as many as three or four in one sitting. Now Slate's egg taste test has left me wondering what exactly I'm missing out on when I eat my Sam's Club eggs. Their taste testers thought fresh eggs, either chicken or duck, were of the finest quality and that ranking second were "organic" eggs -- ignoring, of course, that no eggs (except egg substitutes, perhaps) are, say, silicon-based and therefore inorganic. But that's a rant for another day. Now I feel like I should go in search of fresh eggs, to conduct my own taste test, but gourmet eggs aren't easy to come by in Fairbanks. And I shudder to think what "organic" eggs that cost around $5 per dozen in the lower 48 would run up here. So I guess I'll have to enjoy my flavorless, store-brand eggs for a while longer.

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