Saturday, May 04, 2002

JIMMY CARTER REFRESHER COURSE FOR GEN-X: I'm 27 years old, so my first political memories are sitting at my parents' feet in a polling booth while they voted for President Reagan, watching Reagan's first inauguration on a black-and-white TV in my first grade classroom, sewing elephants on table clothes with my grandmother for a Barry Goldwater party, and getting a pat on the head from Senator Goldwater. I don't remember anything about Jimmy Carter, and my parents, probably hoping to forget those years, didn't talk about him much. Except for his annoying, public interference with U.S. policy toward North Korea back in the Clinton administration, I only knew of him as that nice old man who works with Habitat For Humanity and teaches Sunday school. But after reading Jay Nordlinger's "Carterpalooza", I'll never see Carter as a harmless old man again. I'll see him as the best friend of the worst dictators. Carter has consorted with brutal dictators like Tito and Castro and monsters like Ceausescu and Kim Il Sung. He's taken terrorist Arafat's side against Israel, and Saddam Hussein's side against his own country, secretly asking France and China to thwart our military effort against Iraq. What's most disturbing about all of this is that Jimmy Carter isn't stupid; he can't have been duped. He has knowingly consorted with evil, which means he's evil, no matter how many houses he builds for the poor. Learning about Carter's dark side made me wonder if President Clinton was really that bad. I needed this course in Carter history, and I bet a lot of other people my age need it too.

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