Wednesday, May 15, 2002

LILEKS WORSHIP: THE SAGA CONTINUES: It's almost impossible to excerpt this wonderful screed by James Lileks because every inch is good. But I'll try. The scene: a lefty get-together featuring Dr. Patch Adams; he's just finished saying many stupid things, like comparing President Bush to Hitler:
Moderator Dennis Brutus offered the audience a chance to respond . . .The panelists, all of whom Brutus said volunteered their time and money for the event, urged the audience to disagree, to initiate a two-sided argument. No one did. “I think there are a majority of people who want love, peace and cooperation,” said Caldicott. “But we find it hard to reach out to each other.”
Lileks retorts:
No. It would be easy to reach out. The hard part is keeping our reaching hands from grasping your wattled necks. But that would be wrong. Instead, we laugh and roll our eyes and dismiss you as naughty children who shout HITLER the way a three-year old screams I HATE YOU at his parents. Just to prove you wrong, we tolerate you. Toleration makes Baby Adolf cry.
If I wasn't already a grown up, I'd want to write like Lileks when I grew up. You must read the rest.

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