Sunday, June 09, 2002

LIFE IMITATES THE SIMPSONS: I've checked. This Washington Post op-ed, "Fighting Obesity And the Food Lobby" -- which notes "disturbing parallels" between the "food industry" and the "tobacco industry" and issues an ultimatum that the "food industry"
(1) suspend all food advertising and marketing campaigns directed at children; (2) remove sugar-sweetened soft drinks and snack foods from vending machines in schools; (3) end sponsorship of scholastic activities and professional nutrition organizations linked to product promotion; and (4) refrain from political contributions that might influence national nutritional policy
-- is not based on The Onion. It's based on The Simpsons (Episode 1308: after authorities "determine that Springfield is pound for pound the fattest town on earth, ... Marge ... hires a lawyer and wins a class-action lawsuit against big sugar. The Judge then decrees that sugar be banned from Springfield for life.") (Via Best of the Web) (See also Overlawyered here and here.)

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