Monday, June 24, 2002

MEN NOT INCLUDED: A brilliant Brit has opened a sperm donation center designed exclusively to serve lesbian women. I don't guess I really care that much in the abstract, but I take offense at the absurdity of the center's organizer, John Gonzales. He says, "I have believed for a long time that same sex couples have a fundamental right to have children. This right has been denied through beauracracy and prejudice for too long." Without even touching the "fundamental right" fallacy, how is it that bureaucracy is at fault that lesbians can't reproduce? I mean, we can blame almost anything on bureaucracy, but I'm going to have to blame that one on the Creator. Mr. Gonzales also has a pre-fab response to the objections that will come from Christian interests. "I would say to them, if a lesbian walks into your church, are they barred from the church? If the answer is 'no,' why should they be barred from motherhood?" Wow. If ever a non-sequitur I've seen. Seems to me that this is the same problem the Left has been making all along. In glorifying the individual autonomy of women, we must wholly ignore the interests (not "rights" you notice) of everyone else, in particular, their children. I remember in my high school civics-ish class, my teacher explained the juxtaposition between liberty and law like this: we have the freedom to swing our arms, but only so long as we're not hitting anyone else. Is it just me, or are a generation of kids getting knocked upside the head?

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