Wednesday, June 19, 2002

WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? Well, if you're about 30 inches tall and two and a half years old, friends are mostly for inflicting physical abuse. I took my son over to play with a friend's two year-old son and four year-old daughter last night. The four year-old daughter spanked him for following her rules, and the two year-old son whacked him on both sides of his head, leaving some lovely lumps. Not that my son just stood there and took it; that's not his style. He got his revenge later in the evening by pushing the two year-old down a couple of steps. Now, this kind of child-on-child abuse may sound terrible, but it's actually a healthy learning experience. Eventually, these two little boys will figure out that they're about equally strong, that it really hurts to get punched-kicked-shoved-down-the-stairs, and therefore that it isn't wise to pick fights with one another -- which will result in a sort of toddler cold war.

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