Tuesday, June 11, 2002

WHY WE HATE LOATHE THEM (EU-NUCHS, THAT IS): Germany, fatherland of such civil libertarian innovations as the Gestapo, Kristallnacht, and Auschwitz, regrets that it cannot aid our prosecution of Zacarias Moussaoui because the death penalty, which our government seeks against Moussaoui for the petty crime of murdering 3000 people, does not, according to a spokesman for the German Justice Ministry, "correspond to the ideals of our legal system." These cretins demand that our government "consult" with theirs? These moral Lilliputians lecture us on "international responsibility"? These only recently neutered progenitors of the monstrous Third Reich and Democratic Republic of Germany get prissy with us about the "ideals" of their "legal system"? O, how I loathe them. Not that the United States will hurt the European states the way they deserve, by purposely letting them take one big one to the chin. ("Hey, sorry about the whole terrorists-nuking-Paris thing. We meant to send an e-mail, but it was, like, a holiday weekend.") That would violate our ideals, which -- bless our simplistic little hearts -- actually mean something more than waxing pious about the lives of mass murderers. Besides, the EU-nuchs are so far gone, I doubt taking even a devastating blow would faze them.

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