Friday, July 12, 2002

GRANOLA CONSERVATIVES: I used cloth diapers part of the time, breastfed for 25 months, tried natural childbirth, wear Birkenstocks, listen to hippie-dippie folk music, am considering homeschooling for non-religious reasons, and love to wander through the organic section of the grocery store. My husband doesn't quite understand it and neither do my wacky liberal friends. How can someone be as right-wing as I am and yet like and do all these "liberal" things? What kind of a freak am I? Well, today I found out I'm not alone, and I'm not a freak -- there are other "granola conservatives," writes Rod Dreher on NRO. I should have at least suspected that there might be other granola Republicans. Driving my ancient Volvo 240 wagon (sans Greenpeace and Amnesty International bumper stickers, but sporting a custom horn that played "Dixie") into the organic market parking lot, I might have noticed the irony in my automatic assumption that the other Birk-clad, NPR-t-shirt wearing, flowing skirt types going into the organic market were flaming leftists. But I didn't. I missed a basic truth, obvious in my own life, and the main point of Dreher's essay: people can do the same things for very, very different reasons.

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