Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I DUNNO: Noticed that the House of Representatives passed a bill allowing pilots to carry guns if they go through training -- prospects in Senate dim; White House stupidly opposes -- and was wondering: do the folks who oppose arming pilots opposing arming anyone on airliners, e.g. air marshals? Surely not, because, well, what would be the point of having an unarmed air marshal. ("Stop, terrorist! My body is a deadly weapon!") But if it's OK to arm trained air marshals, why not arm trained pilots, and flight attendants for that matter? And another thing: Based solely on my personal experience, (a) most flight attendants are women, and women like guns less than men; and (b) most airline pilots are men, and men like guns more than women. So it doesn't surprise to me that the flight attendants' union opposes a law arming pilots, while the pilots' union supports it. Has anybody written about this interesting and revealing gender difference? I've probably missed it.

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