Tuesday, July 23, 2002

IS IT STILL TOO MUCH TO ASK of people who roll their eyes over the Right's "obsession" with communism that they admit the obvious: that communists were as brutal a gang of killers as any in history (including Hitler's Nazis, about whom nobody jokes) and committed murder on a scale as massive as any (including the Holocaust, about which nobody jokes). "But they had such good intentions, you know." Yeah, it probably is too much to ask of them. UPDATE: From the linked WaPo article above, referring to a recently unearthed mass grave in Ukraine:
He paused and left the thought incomplete, returning to the safe ground of forensics. "Of course, I wish I could complete all the skeletons and take everything out of the ground. Look at that one." He picked up the lower jaw of a child. "It has almost all the teeth in it but when we pulled it out of the ground, they fell out. This one doesn't have wisdom teeth -- they grow after 18 so we know this one was younger than that." He turned back to the personal impact. "I don't have any disturbing emotions. When I was 13, I witnessed the death of my friend when a drunk policeman killed him in 1939. We went to the railroad storage area to look for something. Three policemen rushed in and kicked us out. They were all drunk. One of them raised his gun and shot him through the heart. I lifted my friend's head. His eyes rolled back in his head and he died. They just looked and walked away." He paused again and looked back at the table of bones. He picked up a small one, no more than a couple of inches long. "You know what this is?" he asked. It was the shoulder bone of a child.
Yeah, really funny guys, those commies. Uncle Joe, and all that. Can you believe that Ronald Reagan guy? "Evil Empire"? What a hoot! Idiots. You know how some people rub their dogs' noses in it to house-train them? Wish I could rub the anti-anti-communists -- the eye-rollers, the jack-asses wearing the Chairman Mao caps and the Che Guevera t-shirts at the annual WTO-Starbucks-McDonald's-"globalism"-whatever-dude-I-just-wanna-get-high protests -- wish I could rub their noses in their icons' handiwork. They're like Holocaust deniers, just denying a different holocaust.

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