Monday, October 21, 2002

KIDDIE MUSIC: My son loves music, which means I rarely get to listen to NPR in the car any more, but I guess that's one of the sacrifices you make as a parent. (And at least I don't have to listen to Daniel Schorr.) Usually we play whatever music I'm in the mood for, which results in my three-year old absurdly crooning that he is a "man of constant sorrow" or admonishing "Tom Dooley" to "hang down his head and cry." But sometimes we have to listen to kids' music. As any parent knows, most music marketed to children in wretched, especially when sung by children. Most parents, me included, ooh and ahh at their own children's off-key singing, but listening to someone else's children sing is more than most people can stand for long and stay sane. (Somewhat analogous rules apply to changing diapers, cleaning up vomit, and nursing: for my children, yes; for your children, no way.) For several months we suffered from prolonged exposure to Wee Sing America (which at least played patriotic music) because it was the only thing that kept my son happy in the car. Finally, in desperation, I went in search of kids' music we both could enjoy. I've now found three albums that meet my criteria, which are: (a) my son asks to listen to them; and (b) I don't lose my mind when he does again, and again, and again .... These godsends are: Capitol Sings Kids' Songs For Grownups, The Bottle Let Me Down: Songs for Bumpy Wagon Rides, and No! by They Might Be Giants. Squeamish parents beware: some of these songs revel in the earthy side of childhood, like "Godfrey the Sickly, Unemployed, Amateur Children's Magician" (it involves making a root beer float with stuff from inside of Godfrey's throat; Godfrey ends up in a strait jacket), or "Don't Wipe Your Face on Your Shirt" (Dad's worried about what the neighbors will think if they see his sons with mucus on their shirts). Of course, your kids will love them.

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