Tuesday, November 19, 2002

SOME THINGS DESERVE TO BE POOPED ON: Every week or so I try using cloth diapers on my daughter, but within a day the extra laundry so overwhelms me that I go back to disposables. I buy the cheapest ones I can find, which usually means the Sam's Club generic brand, but they don't make any in the small-size needed for newborns. So for now I'm buying White Cloud diapers at Wal-Mart. Now, anyone not in the baby biz won't know this, but John Lennon's estate has licensed some doodles he made -- giraffes and such -- so that they appear on all sorts of baby products now, including White Cloud diapers. And one day, while changing the nth diaper for the hour, I noticed that these diapers don't just display Lennon's art, they display his "philosophy," you know, deep ideas like, "Imagine living in a world of peace" and other pablum from "Imagine." And at that moment an epiphany struck: "Imagine" is being used to market disposable poop-holders; John Lennon is selling throw-away feces-receptacles! He's finally lived down to his potential! Diaper changes haven't been the same since.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

THE SWEETEST STRAIN BY MORTALS SUNG: "Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Minority Member Leahy." One more time, with feeling:
"Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Minority Member Leahy."
Not that I'm gloating. After eight years of Clinton and a near miss with Gore, never. Just savoring this brief interlude.
WE'RE NOT DEAD YET. Just hibernating. OK, fine, in a coma, with occasional brainwave blips from Ms. Frazier. Still not dead, though. Kinda like the Democrats. Heh, heh.
DUMB HEADLINE WATCH: From the WaPo frontpage (it's not on the page following the link):
Alleged Bin Laden Tape Airs If authentic, the tape reveals that al Qaeda chief may still be alive.
In other news:
Alleged Alien Invaders' Tape Airs If authentic, the tape reveals that aliens may exist, intend to enslave humanity a la Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi; chain-mail bikini shares soar.
Well, I thought it was funny. Sheesh.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

SOUR GRAPES: Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe made an ass of himself and his party this morning analyzing the Republican victories, and commenting that they were "tactical" not "ideological." The GOP had the home field advantage, he complained. Of course, he failed to mention that it has been years since the "team" with the supposed "home field advantage" won the mid-term elections. Of the Bushes he said, "I know at Thanksgiving, when the Bush family goes to Kennebunkport, I know that Jeb will turn to George and say, 'Now we're even.'" The Dems have been a real class act this election cycle, no?

Monday, November 04, 2002

FREE THE BABY LAWYERS: Dahlia Lithwick makes a profound critique of the new generation of corporate slaves ...
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