Thursday, January 23, 2003

BRIEF THOUGHTS ON PARENTING: 1. Lack of Privacy -- George (opening the bathroom door): Are you done pooping yet, mom? 2. Spit -- Spit is a great tool for parents. It not only cleans grubby little faces, but its great for sticking the suction cup bases of toys down to the tray on a swing or high chair. 3. Toys -- Any toy is fascinating if a kid hasn't seen it in a while. My three-year old is having a blast with all the baby toys I just unpacked. 4. De-Solv-It -- This miracle cleaning solution not only smells like yummy oranges, but actually takes regular, unwashable crayon scribbles off the walls. Not that I'm recommending letting your kids decorate the walls just to test it, of course.

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