Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I'M NOT CRAZY. I JUST HAVE CHILDREN. My three-year old currently loves Brinton Turkle's books about Obadiah Starbuck (no relation to coffee). He especially loves Obadiah the Bold, where Obadiah gets a spyglass and dreams of being a pirate. So like Obadiah, George carries his spyglass (commonly mistaken for an empty papertowel roll) everywhere. Only sometimes, my young pirate decides he's tired of carrying his spyglass and passes it off to his first mate (commonly mistaken for his mother). Which means that I can sometimes be seen wandering through stores with a baby in a sling, an overstuffed diaper bag on the other shoulder, an empty papertowel roll in one hand and a protesting (doesn't matter what we are doing, George protests just for the fun of it) three-year old holding the other hand. Children. They really do light up my life.

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