Thursday, January 16, 2003

MORE ON MUSIC: Being a parent really does give you a whole new perspective on things. Watching The Simpsons one night, we suddenly realized what everyone was complaining about for all those years. That doesn't mean we don't like the show and won't still watch it, but we certainly won't be letting our kids watch it until they get a lot older. Besides The Simpsons, I've also discovered that a lot of the music I listen just isn't appropriate for little kids. I don't listen to Eminem or anything either. In fact, most of my favorite music came out when my parents were young. I'd never considered how many swear words the Kingston Trio have in their songs until I played them around George -- not to mention all the wacky leftie politics. And then there is Tom Lehrer. While I'm all in favor of my kids hearing his song of The Elements at an early age, I do not want to explain The Masochism Tango any time soon. The Doors are just too weird and scary. I think by the time we weed our music collection to make it "kid friendly" we'll be reduced to Glenn Miller, some early Beatles songs and maybe some U2. I need to go back on the hunt for more kiddie music.

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