Wednesday, January 22, 2003

THOUGHTS ON THE DAY: On this day when many stop and reflect on the Supreme Court's 30 year old Roe v. Wade decision, others have said just about everything that there is to be said more eloquently than I can. I've been opposed to abortion ever since I've known what it was. I couldn't fathom someone considering that option and I still have a hard time imagining someone choosing to abort. I never felt personally involved until I had a baby though. When my son was born, I had someone's eyes to look into and imagine all those eyes that would never see. A year and a half ago, I got pregnant for the second time and my husband and I were excited to be adding a second child to our family, but at 14 weeks along we discovered that our baby had died at 8 weeks and I had a partial molar pregnancy, requiring not only a D&C but monitoring for months to make sure I didn't develop cancer. Knowing that I was going in to the hospital for a procedure that some women chose to do to eliminate "a bunch of cells" made that miserable trip even worse. I spent time imagining all the women who chose to have their children ripped out when I would have done anything to keep mine and all I could do was weep. Miscarriage is a miserable experience that was made worse for me knowing that other women who could have had healthy babies chose not to. My miscarriage had a happy ending. If I'd had that baby, I wouldn't have my four month old daughter. But I can't forget that baby nor can I forget or not cry tears at the thought of the 40 million souls whose mothers didn't want them.

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