Friday, February 14, 2003

BUT NOT BEFORE noting that the President has placed the United States in that rarest of settings, the win-win situation. By this I mean the fact that, should our "allies" on the Security Council join with the United States and its ally Great Britain in authorizing war against the Hussein regime, we shall have broken the UN to our will and made it slightly less useless in the affairs of mankind; but if our "allies" persist in their course of appeasement, then the United States and its true allies will make war on the Iraqi despot anyway, destroying a terrorist state and any pretensions the United Nations and its French and German boosters have to moral or political authority in international affairs. Simply put, we either make the UN something less of a fraud, or expose it as one (along with the fraud that France and German constitute great powers, much less represent "Europe.") I can't see the downside.

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