Thursday, February 06, 2003

IMPROVING MY MIND: Despite going to Sewanee, a fine liberal arts university with an extremely good English department, I'm embarrassed to admit that I got out of college without taking a single English class. I managed this because I took a four semester Humanities course that covered Western Civilization from the Ancient World to the Modern and filled the requirements for English, Philosophy, Political Science and Art. It was a pretty good series of courses, but I've always seen it as a bit of a failing on my part that I never took English. In my favor though, I was a German literature major and I do have an MA in German literature, so I've done my fair share or literature reading and interpretation, I just haven't read much in my own language. So recently when I read that a friend of mine was going to try to start reading more literature, I decided I needed to do that too. I mean, post-graduate school and post-children, what do I actually read? Magazines, blogs, NRO and the occasional Regency romance novel don't quite fill up my head, at least not as I'd like it to be filled. This thrilled my husband the English major who has been making up a reading list for me. My major requirements have been that I not have read it before and that it be short enough for me to read without getting bogged down. So far, I've read C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce and Henry James's Daisy Miller. (By the way, am I the only one who sees major similarities between Daisy Miller and Thomas Mann's Death in Venice?) So here's my bleg -- e-mail me any suggestions of other short stories, plays or other works of literature that everyone should read. Maybe I'll get to them when I find the time.

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