Sunday, February 16, 2003

SLEEP (OR THE LACK THEREOF) is a common topic among my mommy friends. Every mother I know seems to suffer from interupted sleep on a fairly regular basis and most of them, whatever their parenting style, occasionally let their kids into their bed if for no other reason than to get just a little more rest. So it came as no surprise to me that a recent survey by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development showed that a lot more Americans are doing some co-sleeping than has previously been reported. I don't love co-sleeping and fortunately for me my son sleeps soundly through the night in his own bed most of the time and my daughter usually spends most of the night in her crib, but when chaos reigns in our household -- like last night when my infant woke up four times and my three-year old woke up three times, eventually we do whatever is necessary to get some sleep -- any sleep. For us that meant musical beds last night. My husband and I both spent part of the night sleeping in our son's bed after he woke up screaming; our daughter wound up in the bassinet in our room instead of in her crib, and by 5 a.m. all of us were sharing a bed. I look forward to sanity reigning once more, but until then I'll take sleep however I can get it.

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