Tuesday, March 11, 2003

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY: My five-month old is on the verge of crawling; she's up on her hands and knees rocking and throwing herself forward to grab things. She's decided she needs to get away from her big brother. I suppose this means it is time to buy baby gates and dig out the cabinet locks. I'm not really ready for two mobile children. The big one already has me running in circles. George is awfully cute these days, when he isn't having a three-year old moment. Our local library currently has a marionette version of The Tempest playing. We've been three times and George loves it. He knows all the characters and told me the other day that Antonio and Caliban are naughty because they want power like Saddam Hussein wants power. He's got a better grasp of these things than some liberals. Other than learning Shakespeare, it is all puzzles all the time at our house. George loves puzzles and will do them over and over again. He can do sixty-piece ones on his own, but the hundred-piece ones require a little parental help. If I'm doing mulitple puzzles every day, I get a bit bored putting the same ones together so I've been spending a fortune on new ones. I need to start a puzzle exchange club or something. Anyway, that's the Adams household in a nutshell at present. I'll be back with more scintilating rants and complaints soon.

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