Thursday, March 20, 2003

HATRED, UNBUTTRESSED BY ANY SERIOUS INTELLECTUAL ARGUMENT: That's how Michael Barone described Daschle's recent comments and it really fits this statement that I hear over and over again:
I would support the war 100% if it was backed by a UN resolution and if somebody with two brain cells to rub together were in charge.
First of all, since when is the UN the final arbiter of morality? Either something is moral or it is not -- a UN sanction does not make something moral. And I always wonder if people who say this would have supported the war if we'd garnered the necessary nine votes, but had been vetoed by France. That would mean that really France would be the final arbiter of morality. Now there is a scary thought! And as for people who think a war is justified morally but oppose it because they don't like who is leading it, that is completely morally incoherent. Whether you like the President or hate him, think he's smart or dumb as a rock, should have no bearing on whether a war or any policy decision is worth making.

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