Friday, March 14, 2003

I THINK IT IS WRONG, BUT IF EVERYONE'S DOING IT I WANT MY SHARE! Freed-Hardeman University, supposedly one of the more religiously conservative Church of Christ-affiliated schools, is lobbying the General Assembly to provide equal lottery-funded scholarships to students at public and private Tennessee universities once the legislature gets around to establishing the lottery. Dwayne Wilson, Freed-Hardeman's executive vice president, says he opposed the lottery referendum and believes that creating a state lottery will be a mistake, but that whether his university's students should get the scholarships is a separate issue. Let's see if I understand his logic: lotteries are gambling, and gambling is sinful, so lottery revenue is literally the wages of sin, and bad, bad, bad, but my students should get their fair share. That's like saying, "You shouldn't have robbed that bank, but the church gratefully accepts your dontation of a portion of your ill-gotten gains -- that's a separate issue." Freed-Hardeman and other church-affiliated schools that purport to oppose gambling should be rejecting lottery-funded scholarships, not demanding their fair share. (Link via Theosebes)

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