Monday, March 03, 2003

JOHN O'SULLIVAN'S RULE that all organizations that are not explicitly right-wing will inevitably become left-wing has proven true once again. Today, I got an e-mail on my nipple nazi nursing moms playgroup list recommending three upcoming performances of Lysistrata around Nashville to protest war against Saddam Hussein. The best part of the letter was the warning that the play "contains bawdy adult content. One of our players noted though, that the language of this play is not NEARLY as profane as the dropping of bombs on innocent people." Oh, how clever, how profound. Do the peace-niks really believe our military targets innocents? That if you stand around being innocent long enough, someone will drop a bomb on you? Why do people who take Saddam Hussein at his word when he swears he has no weapons of mass destruction and has outlawed them refuse to place the same degree of trust in their own leaders and soldiers? I know another thing that's more profane than Lysistrata's naughty words: supporting a vicious dictator who murders women and children, while accusing your own country of doing just that. And consider these two images at Cut On The Bias while you're at it.

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