Sunday, March 02, 2003

PRO-WAR RALLIES: Friday was a big day for pro-war rallies in Nashville. I drove past the Kurdish pro-Bush, pro-war rally on Broadway, which the pro-weasel Tennessean either incompetently or dishonestly (probably both) reported as an anti-Turkey protest. But I missed the other two pro-war rallies that day (that's what I get for listening to public radio and not AM talk radio), one hosted by local right-wing AM talk host Phil Valentine at the Parthenon, which had the added benefit of displacing the much ballyhooed Lysistrata performance at the same venue (which really ticked off the actors). A Ford dealership hosted the other rally, hilariously and brilliantly entitled "Bash A Peugeot For Peace," which invited citizens to work out their frustration with French weasels by taking a sledge hammer to a Peugot.

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