Tuesday, March 18, 2003

WE ARE THE FOLK SONG ARMY: I hear so many friends and peaceniks on the radio say that they just hate the idea of war and it scares them, yadda yadda yadda. Do they think that those of us who believe Saddam must be removed by force actually like war? Like Tom Lehrer's Folk Song Army, "[They] all hate poverty, war and injustice, unlike the rest of [us] squares." I've been told that since Americans haven't fought a war on their soil since 1865, that we don't know what it is like or we'd be opposed to it too. So how did all the 20-year old appeasers learn so much -- have they lived through some war that I missed? Sometimes things are scary -- that's just life. Grownups must, at times, do things that are difficult, dangerous and scary. We look for the monsters under the beds for our children and now we'll be taking care of a real-life monster, so that the liberal children of the world will be able to continue on their petulant, fearful way, most of them ungrateful for the gifts and protection they have been given.

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