Monday, April 07, 2003

MINISTER OF DISINFORMATION: These days my son is taking a page from Saddam's Information Minister, i.e. that if he repeats something enough, it will be true. For example, we have a rule that he can only watch one video a day and only after lunch. All last week, when he finished his breakfast of Cheerios or scrambled eggs, he'd push back his chair and say, with a brilliant grin, "What a great lunch. May I watch a video now, please?" When he senses that I was unconvinced by this ploy, he made a slight adjustment. Now, he requests grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, on the apparent theory that if he eats lunch food at eight o'clock in the morning, it will be lunch and thus video time. Similarly, when caught in the act of toy theft from his baby sister, and knowing the rule that the penalty for toy theft is confiscation of one of his toys, he has taken to explaining that he was in fact only "showing her how it works" or that he was afraid the toy might be "too dangerous for her." And when this innocent, beautiful, three-foot tall human being shamelessly lies to my face, it's all I can do just to bite bite my tongue and hold back my tears -- of gut-busting laughter -- long enough to chastise the little blighter and try to teach him the value of truth.

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