Thursday, April 24, 2003

REASON #512 NOT TO BE A SINGLE PARENT: The other night the baby woke up screaming around 3:45. As I was crawling out of bed to check on her, I heard my husband say, "Why aren't you wearing any clothes, son?" It turns out the three year old had stripped off and climbed into bed with us. Now why had he stripped off? Well, the answer became readily apparent when his dad picked him up to return him to his room and clothe him -- Daddy got poop all over himself. The little angel had had diarrhea in the night and decided to share. So, while I was calming the baby and getting her back to sleep, Justin was hosing off the boy. Then I stripped sheets on both the three year old's bed and ours (he'd spread the joy around most effectively). Justin put new sheets on George's bed and then read him stories and got him back to sleep, while I replaced our sheets and started a load of laundry. As we collapsed back into nice clean sheets, the baby woke up protesting the inhumanity of her lot in life. Daddy brought her back to our bed and I nursed her and snuggled her and we all got a few more hours of shut-eye. Yawn.

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