Friday, April 04, 2003

REMEMBERING MICHAEL KELLY: When I was a reference librarian, I generally spent three or four hours at the reference desk each day. I rarely got asked difficult research or reference questions, so I spent a lot of time reading. One of the columnists I looked forward to the most was Michael Kelly. I enjoyed almost every column that he wrote and almost always sent them to my husband as part of his daily "reading assignment." Since I left the library world to stay home with my kids, I haven't kept up reading his columns coming across them only on those rare occasions when someone sent one to me to read and I was only vaguely aware that he'd left the National Journal for the Atlantic Monthly. Nonetheless, this morning, reading of his death in a Humvee accident in Iraq, I feel a real sense of loss and sadness. He was a writer and journalist worth more than Geraldo and Peter Arnett many times over.

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