Monday, May 19, 2003

BLOGGING ABOUT THOSE YOU LOVE: It can be a dangerous business to blog about friends and family, an article from yesterday's NY Times notes. I know several of my friends read this blog, but I thought I was safe from ticking them off by blogging about them since I try not to say things here that I wouldn't say to them in person and I also have never tried to hide the fact that I might occasionally use our conversations as fodder for my posts. However, I guess that never works. In blogs I generalize and become more hyperbolic than I am in person and even when a friend might know there is a slight potential that what they say might show up over here, seeing their thoughts and ideas ripped apart is never pleasant. So, I'm wiser now (and fortunately not friendless), but I really have not disavowed blogging about friends either. I will be extra careful to edit closely and play fair, should I chose to go that route though. (Link via

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