Friday, May 23, 2003

CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG: As I've always understood it, "undocumented workers" is just a way to say "illegal aliens" without being "judgemental." "Undocumented workers" are people who are in this country illegally, no matter what words you choose. And if they are in this country illegally, that would mean they are breaking the law. Right? Not apparently to NPR or advocacy groups -- in an article tonight on All Things Considered about the roundup of "undocumented workers" at the Chicago Sears Tower, the reporter talked about the complaints from immigrant groups and noted that the government considered it reasonable to arrest the workers, because (in her words) although most of them are "law-abiding" they might have information about terrorist activities or be easily turned to perform these acts of terrorism. Excuse me? How can someone actively breaking the law by staying illegally in the United States be "law-abiding?" Sure, they may not be murdering, robbing or anything else. They may simply be here working, but that doesn't make illegal immigrants "law-abiding."

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