Thursday, May 08, 2003

GIRL'S NIGHT OUT: Tonight, I left the kidlets with Daddy and went to "Girl's Night Out" with some of the other moms from the playgroup I theoretically take the kids to. Theoretically, because while we attended frequently when George was a baby, we've only been three times in the past two years. But I decided like it might be fun to have a break from the kids, so I headed off for a few hours of conversation and a scrumptious chocolate dessert. I had a great time doing something out of my usual routine, but I never cease to wonder why I, the fundamentalist, right-wing, ultra-conservative that I am, wind up in circles made up of hippie, communist leftists. These moms I met through La Leche League and we all breastfed long-term, but that really never seemed like a political thing to me. I don't see why one would have to be a leftist to breastfeed. So how come I never met any Republicans at the meetings? The women from my playgroup, not friends exactly -- I suppose they are really more on the level of good acquaintances, are all very nice people, but ultimately people I have little in common with. If we ever discussed anything deep, I'd probably have to loathe them because they believe in things that are fundamentally at odds with all my beliefs. I suspect also that if I ever discussed politics or religion with them, in depth, they would either find me rather loathsome because my views are so opposed to theirs -- or because they hold to a very live and let live sort of philosophy perhaps it wouldn't bother them at all. At yet somehow these are also the people who seem to draw me and those I am drawn to. Am I giving off liberal vibes? I find it very odd. Perhaps I need to bring more politics and religion into my casual conversation and see what happens. Or maybe it is better just to let the kids play and bash each other and for me to enjoy the occasional night of light banter with the girls.

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