Thursday, May 22, 2003

HOW DO YOU ANSWER THAT? "Mommy, what do you call a girl cow? What do you call a boy cow? What do you call a girl sheep? What do you call a boy sheep?..." We have a lot of such conversations around the Adams' household. When we got around to what you call girl dogs, I was rather at a loss. Gregory Hlatky's blog dwells a lot on dog shows and he naturally refers to Miss Lacey as a bitch. That's what she is, after all. But did I really want to tell my three year old that? It isn't something I wanted to hear issuing from his lips during Sunday school or anywhere else -- no matter how appropriate. Fortunately for me, just as George asked the question, the baby started grumbling about the unfairness of her lot in life (or perhaps just because she wanted to nurse) and the distraction spared me from coming up with an answer.

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